Why Journal

So the question is, why journal?

How is it going to make my life better?

It's going to change your life, you are going to find your voice.

When you find your voice, you have the power in your hands as the narrator to change your story.

Change your story, change your life,

You will have a greater sense of self... your knowing.

You will understand your story,

You will have a sense of self-connection, and self-purpose, 

In fact, your self-awareness will be heightened and you will feel tapped into your intuition.

You'll also feel connected to others by being connected to yourself.

And you'll want to have an impact, not just with yourself but with others.

So remember, Change your story, Change your life.

"Heal yourself,  heal the world." -Mark Nepo

Let's do it!





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Why Journal