The importance of Journaling

The Importance of Journaling: The Journal Project was started as a personal project as instructed by my personal life coach when I was stuck in a rut.

After journaling for myself for a few 4-6 weeks, the results were obvious and profound. I felt I had to share. I couldn't keep this all to myself.

As an occupational therapist and now as a life coach, I was now on a personal healing mission. As I continued my own transformation, one day during my own daily routine and life practice  I began to consistently incorporate journaling after my morning meditation. After a few weeks to a month or so of writing for approximately 20 minutes per day, I rather quickly began to see the impact of my questions and how my unique storytelling helped me to continue to expand my growth and lean into who I am and my purpose.

The power of my own words helped me to become comfortable using my voice and know my authentic self is beyond special. It is for all of us. After researching the power of journaling further, many others use this as a method for healing and growth. I quickly realized I needed to incorporate this into my coaching practice and spread the word to as many people as possible.
Journaling is what helped me find my voice and discover my path.

It has become a part of my personal wellness practice. It follows my meditation.  It helps me when I am feeling stuck, at a crossroads, feeling anxious or calm, in times of gratitude, setting goals, and planning for the future.

If you are feeling stuck, searching for a breakthrough, feeling overwhelmed or anxious, searching for growth, trying to find your voice, searching for your true purpose; and, or being in touch with your inner knowing-this is the place to start. Start with your story.

Change your story. Change your life.

Journaling the force for change.

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