The Benefits of Journaling

What are the benefits of Journaling?

I would say for most people the most profound benefits are;

🌱 being able to really find your voice,

🌱being able to write your truths without feeling judgment,

🌱being able to express yourself, learning to communicate better,

🌱finding your true purpose, and service with a higher impact all by writing words because words matter.

So become your narrator by writing, because you are your own narrator.

🔥Change your story, change your life.🔥

The Journal Project is here, let's do it!



Top Journal Health Benefits
1. It Can Have Long-Term, Positive Effects On Your Mood
2. It Sparks Creativity
3. It Can Help You Realize Personal Patterns

4. It Can Ease Anxiety
5. It Can Assist In Goal-Setting
6. It Makes Your Resilience Tangible

*See Attached Sources Below
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Change Your Story. Change Your Life.

Pennebaker-1997 Pennebaker-1997