My Story

My Story

My Story is a familiar story to many of us. About 2-years ago, I found myself crippled by the feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. I was unable to sleep at night stressed about work. I couldn't stomach all my racing thought, as my current career wasn't aligning with my values or my purpose. I was so burnt out and exhuasted. A change was definitely in need. Yet, I was in such a tough place. I didn't which way was up or down, let alone know where to begin. How had I gotten myself stuck in this place?

This happens to all of us. It's part of the journey.

So what did I do?

I reached out to a life coach, who happened to be someone who worked for me in my first start-up business, Sensory Steps, Inc., Ellen Tanner. Through the coaching process, I was able to realign back to my heart center, realize some hard truths, and begin journaling again.  White it was tough, it's one of the best decisions I ever made. it changed the course of my life.

While some of those tough truths that resurfaced I had to deal with were tough; by using all the tools I had at my disposal, especially journaling, I was able to make tremendous progress. This included my realization and need to live according to my true purpose: helping others find their purpose and live a life fulfilled.

That's how the Journal Project was founded. For today, that's my story. It may change and that's okay. We can change our story when we want. It's our power.

And my story will continue and so will yours.

I changed my story and it changed my life.

Will you take this opportunity to change your story and change your life?

Wishing you take this chance in life to go for it!